About Me

I have worked in the IT industry for over 18 years and gained most of my experience with the IT Education giant 'Research Machines' (RM) where I worked for ten years.  My final role at RM was 'Principle Development Consultant' which exposed me to projects involving almost all Microsoft Back-End products; Exchange, SharePoint, DataCentre Server, etc.  I have worked on many prestigious projects during my time at RM including the Multi-Location Active Directory Implementation project - 'Classroom 2000'; (at the time) the largest AD in the country, spanning every School, College and Library in Northern Ireland.

In my duties at RM I operated mainly as a Trainer and Mentor and was responsible for the authoring of many Training Courses, for Customers and Engineers both inside the company and with several Local Education Authorities across the UK.  I pioneered the importance of 'Foundation Knowledge' within the Engineering Teams and developed, authored and delivered the well received 'Fundamentals of Modern Networking and Network Troubleshooting' training course.

I now live in the South West of England with my wife Amanda and our young family and I have been working on freelance and contract projects in the South West for the past five years.

I have recently worked on projects including: Small Business Implementations of client/server solutions, Cisco IP Phones in local and SIP configurations, WebServer installations, Business Router reconfigurations including Layer 4 Switch configurations, Microsoft Exchange Installations and Upgrades, Active Directory Migrations and Upgrades, File Server Upgrades, Disaster Recovery Support including system rebuilds from partial datasets, and of course numerous domestic projects to support Home ADSL Migrations, and Support with new SOHO computer systems and accessories.

I have also been involved in the Club DJ Scene in the Southwest for many years and also assist with mobile events by providing event production service to several leading events across the South West.  My experience in this area allows me to specialise in supporting DJ/Nightclub IT systems including DJ Music, Video and Lighting control systems; in particular Virtual DJ/Numark Cue, NuVJ, Arkaos, Traktor, OTS, PCDJ, Serato, MixMeister, Martin LightJockey and ShowControl.