Bespoke Training Courses

If you would like to deliver a training course to your clients or your own employees and don't have the resources to put the course together, then please get in touch; I am happy to work with your technology teams or written product materials to develop comprehensive courses to help prepare your delegates for any situation.

Whether you need to deliver a product introduction to inexperienced users, or deliver the most complex knowledge about the nuts-and-bolts of your products, I am able to help.

A typical product introduction course might involve two to four days of development time when I will work hand-in-hand with your product specialists (or product material) to prepare the course material, followed by a training seminar lasting from a few hours to several days depending on requirements.

Advanced technical courses may involve several weeks of preparation time with your product development staff to cover every aspect of the product.

Courses can be authored to cover any aspect of Hardware, Software or Peripherals, whether it be product installation or setup, general use, decommissioning, troubleshooting or support and repair.  I have also delivered courses on products not exclusively associated with IT, such as Stage Technologies and DJ Products.

If you wish, I can be involved only to produce the technical content of the course and course materials, or you can off-load the entire project to me to include the course venue, facilities, course material reproduction, refreshments and delegate accommodation.  Please contact me for a Bespoke quote or just a quick chat about your requirements.  Click here to contact me...