Home Computing

I get so many calls about home-computing-nightmares; it seems like such a common story that the big computer shops (and some smaller ones) miss-sell systems or are unwilling to support customers after their purchase. If you've been let down, then I'll be pleased to restore your confidence in your machine with some extra support or training to get you started.

If you've been using your machine for some time and it's slowing down or has major problems then get in touch, as I may be able to help.  I can troubleshoot system hardware or software problems, advise on upgrades or source parts for repair.  Because I am independent then I am able to use a wide range of suppliers to find the right part for repair or upgrade.

If you've been infected with a virus, or have misconfigured your machine then I can help too, many viruses and faults can be easily repaired, but for those more stubborn faults I can offer fixed-price system rebuilds with data recovery.  You just need to supply your OS Serial Key and operating system install disks (but if you've lost them then don't panic, I can probably help anyway) I will backup your documents and important files, perform a full software rebuild leaving you factory-fresh, and then restore your documents and files.  Prices start at just £40 for a system rebuild with Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT, £50 for Windows XP or NT rebuilds with SATA Controllers, or £70 for Windows Vista/7 rebuilds. Document restores are charged at £10 per 1GB and application software or peripheral re-installation is charged at normal hourly rates.

I am even happy to help out if you are considering a new purchase.  I don't sell equipment direct, but I'd be happy to look at your requirements and help you choose a suitable machine that will meet all your needs and budget.