You don't need to be a current support contract holder, or even a current customer to get support from me. For non-urgent support enquires or to book a service or installation visit, please use the Contact Me Page to find contact details

For urgent support enquires, please call Al direct on 01395 542500 or 07976 243564.

Please note that unless you hold a support agreement, telephone support time is charged at the normal off-site engineering rates or out-of-hours off-site engineering rates. Unless you hold a support agreement, an on-site visit to resolve your issue will be charged at the normal on-site engineering rates or out-of-hours on-site engineering rates. On-site visits may also incur travel expenses which will be discussed when booking your on-site visit.

Remote Support

Please call Al on 01395 542500 or 07976 243564 before you click the link below to setup a Remote Support Appointment.

Once an appointment has been arranged, please click the link below at the agreed time to start your remote session. Please click yes or accept to any security warnings or messages that may be shown. You will be given a session number which you will need to write down or remember.

Click here to start a remote support session