Hosting Info

All my web hosting packages come with a range of great features,  here is some information to help you use them correctly but please email me if you need any help.


My WebControl control panel can be accessed at use your full domain name without the www. (e.g. "") and WebControl password to view all the features of your hosting package.  In the WebControl page you can add and remove email addresses, email aliases, forwarding addresses, ftp accounts, and browse your web hosting files and features.  It is possible to do lots of damage to your website using this control panel so please be careful!


Your FTP server will normally be ftp.<domainname>  e.g.

Your FTP username will normally be your full domain name without the www. e.g. ""  Your FTP password can be reset using the WebControl panel.

All my FTP accounts remain locked to prevent unauthorised access, you will need to unlock your FTP account before use.  To unlock your FTP account just login to your WebControl panel and use the FTP section on the right side of the page. 

Using the FTP section of the WebControl panel, you can create additional FTP accounts for your staff and these can be unlocked using the simple FTP unlock form here: This form cannot be used to unlock your master FTP account.  If you need to use the simple FTP form to unlock ftp (e.g. if you don't want to give your staff access to your WebControl panel then you can simply create a new additional FTP account for your site and use that instead of your master FTP.


Your email server will normally be mail.<domainname>  e.g. and this server address will support POP3 on port 110, IMAP on port 143, and SMTP on ports 25 and 587.  If you have trouble sending mail on port 25 then switch to port 587 in your email client's advanced settings.

You can create email addresses using your WebControl panel and passwords can be set there too.  Your full email address and password should be used to login to the mail server, and the outgoing SMTP server will require normal clear-text SMTP authentication (e.g. not using SSL)

Normal email accounts have a storage limit of 400MB and will stop sending and receiving email if this space is exceed.  If you need more storage space then you can upgrade to a 2GB mailbox for £14 per year and you can increase that in 2GB blocks for a further £14 per year each block. e.g. a 6GB email account would be billed at £42 per year.


You can also access your email using my webmail system at Login using your full email address and password.


You can modify your domain settings, such as forwarding and DNS servers by using my DomainControl panel at  login using your full domain name without the www. e.g. "". It is possible to do lots of damage to your website using this control panel so please be careful!