Website Design and Hosting Services

If you have a good idea what you want your new website to look like then I'm very happy to work to your plans or concept drawings. If you don't know yet how you want your site to look, then I'm also happy to help you to pick a suitable design from my gallery of over 5000 designs. I use website templates for all websites I launch and you are free to modify the design yourself after my involvement is over.

CMS (Content Management Systems) are the best way to maintain a fresh and up-to-date website. With a Content Managed Site you can login to your own custom control panel and make changes to your site’s pages, such as add special offers or change prices, and you can make these changes whenever you want, as many times as you want, for free, as easy as updating your Facebook page. This is ideal for any Business owner who wants to make regular updates to their site without the cost of employing a Web Designer each time. Some companies charge in excess of of several thousand pounds to develop and launch CMS websites but as a small business myself I know how difficult it is to make the first steps into the web world  to you I am pleased to offer a unique, even better value package: £200.00 including a brief Google tutorial

Yes, that's right, just £200 gets you all this:

- A domain name, registered for one year (or any other .uk domain such as
     only £10 extra charge for .com domain name (or most other International TLDN)
- Website and Email Hosting services for one year:
unlimited 400MB email accounts (POP3 or IMAP with outgoing SMTP access and webmail access)
    - unlimited Monthly Bandwidth (enough for the busiest of websites)
    - Unlimited Storage space
    - SQL Database Access for your CMS Site
    - FTP accounts into your images folder in your CMS
    - Unlimited email aliases
    - Full Super-Admin Login rights to your CMS
    - Unlimited Login accounts to your CMS
    - Login accounts to my award-winning website and domain control panel so you can make changes to your site and domain at any time.
- Full CMS technical support for one year to help you make changes to your site and help you to use your CMS if you get stuck or break it
- A 1 hour consultancy to help decide on your site design (can be at your premises in the Sidmouth area, or at my office in Newton Poppleford, or if you are not based in East Devon then this can be done by phone and web-link)
- Your choice of more than 5000 site designs, or a custom site design to your specifications
    - If you chose one of my custom designs then you will get full rights to the copyright of that design
- Up to 8 hours design and programming work to launch and program your initial site
- Up to 10 web pages designed and ready for launch with your text and pictures
(You can add as many pages as you like once the site is launched)
- One email contact form to encourage messages from your site
- One "Special" feature
such as a custom blog, calendar, event list, RSS feed reader, Twitter/Facebook feed reader, download page, password protected page, user login form, etc
- A follow-up 1 hour tutorial to:
- Help generate your meta-tags and keywords (used by Google to identify your business)
    - Setup and introduce you to the Google webmaster tools like Analytics, Places, Ad-Word Campaigns etc
    - Advise on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and best-practice to maintain a high position on Google
    - Introduce you business directories that may help your site to rank higher
- A link from my website portfolio to start your site interlink ranking on Google

The good-value isn't just for the first year either. Most web hosting companies charge £5 per month or more for hosting a basic CMS site, a lot of them charge over £120 per year for a site as feature-rich as this one, but my custom built hosting system allows me to charge a tiny fee of just £55 per year for the domain hosting and registration so you can be sure that you will get good value-for-money for years to come. If you want full CMS support too then this can be added for an extra £40 per year. These fees for the first year are all included in your £200 setup costs so you wont have anything extra to pay until your site reaches it's first Birthday.

You may ask how I can offer this service at such a good price when compared to other local and national web-design companies. Well, the answer is simple: I'm not greedy! Designing and launching a website is skilled work and requires lots of training and experience to get it right, but that is no excuse to make it unnecessarily expensive. I'm a small business too, so I know how difficult it is to get started with advertising and marketing. Offering friendly and good-value webdesign services and the cheapest possible ongoing hosting fees allow me to break the mould.

This package can be used for a new site launch for a completely new domain name, or you can use this service to re-develop your existing site. If you like the idea of a new-look website and a brand new CMS then book now to take advantage of this special offer.

The website development costs above include full copyright of the developed content and graphics used. The prices include one draft page for initial review and amendments as required, then up to one further revision prior to publishing. I just need you to supply all images that are specific to your trade and the text content for your website. Or I'd be happy to help you write the wording and take photographs of your work or products, but this isn't included in the development costs above.

Please see my Website Design porfolio for links to some of my previous customers: Web Design Portfolio

Website Hosting and Domain Registration

I also host many websites for my clients and can host your existing domains and pre-developed web content at competitive rates. Domain Registration and the first year hosting charges are included for websites designed by me, with subsequent years charged at normal rates, shown here...